Private Property Sign

PRIVATE PROPERTY SIGNS are a recurring theme and at Danthonia Designs we have made quite a few of them. This was one of the more interesting and whimsical of them all, designed by a customer in Marietta, Georgia using our sign designer website. Choosing from among hundreds of artwork options, as well as the sign shape, colors, text style, edging, accents, etc., this great little handcrafted sign was created and ordered online. A refined design proof was then sent back for final approval and any tweaks that were needed before it went into production. A photo of the finished sign was emailed two weeks later, and the sign arrived at the door three weeks from the time of approval.

The main feature is a mallard duck, arguably the most familiar and well-known of all ducks, which can be found almost anywhere from the American northern tundra to Hawaii, from Siberia to China, Japan to New Zealand. In ponds and parks, as well as wilder wetlands and shallow lakes, the gleaming iridescent head of the male mallard and the easily identifiable black tail-curl can be seen. In fact, almost all domestic ducks are descended from the mallard.

Known as ‘dabbling ducks’, they feed in the water by tipping forward, foraging underwater plants, and almost never diving. They are strong flyers who have been clocked at approximately 55 miles per hour. If you hear a mallard quack, then it is a female, since males don’t quack, but rather make a softer, rasping type of sound. The oldest living recorded mallard lived to be at least 27 years and 7 months.

But probably the most familiar and well-loved mallards are Mr. and Mrs. Mallard with Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Oack, Pack and Quack in Robert McCloskey’s ‘Make Way for Ducklings’, which takes place in Boston’s Public Garden and Charles River. Having sold well over 2 million copies as of 2003, the story’s popularity led to the making of a statue in the Public Garden commemorating the Mallard family.

Shown on site, with a visiting Canada goose, this sign will last for years to come.

Carved & Painted / Border Carved & Gilded
Flat Painted
Sign Size
25 " x 15 "
  • I received the sign today and it looks absolutely perfect! Here is the sign as it sits on the private pond behind my home.