Sunview Terrace Property Sign

‘NEVER GET UP till the sun gets up, Or the mists will give you a cold, And a parrot whose lungs have once been touched Will never live to be old. Never eat plums that are not quite ripe, For perhaps they will give you a pain: And never dispute what the hornbill says, Or you'll never dispute again. Never despise the power of speech: Learn every word as it comes, For this is the pride of the parrot race, That it speaks in a thousand tongues. Never stay up when the sun goes down, But sleep in your own home bed, And if you've been good, as a parrot should, You will dream that your tail is red.” Mother Parrot’s Advice to her Children, Translated by AK Nyabongo

The Eastern Rosellas shown on this hand painted property sign are a much-loved and common sight in their native south-eastern region of Australia. Now they can be found in New Zealand (the first known occurrence was around the year 1910 when a small shipment of the birds were refused entry into the country by the Customs Department, and they were released offshore from the ship on the return trip to Sydney. The rosellas’ brilliant coloring makes them popular pets. They are intelligent, and can learn to whistle many tunes and can sometimes be taught to speak some words or phrases. Somewhat feisty, they aren’t the cuddliest birds, but are still enjoyed by many people as pets.

Rosellas make a colorful subject for the artwork on this sign, and together with the carved and 23kt gold gilded text, this makes for a standout property sign.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Flat Painted Add on
Sign Size
32 " x 22 "