Wagtail Flats Property Sign

WILLIE WAGTAIL is the unquestionable focus on this property sign. Anyone who has spent any time in Australia will be familiar with this sprited little bird, the largest and best known of this country’s fantails. As its name suggests, this bird is constantly waggint its tail sideways, always on the move, and often looking like it just can’t make up its mind where it wants to go. Found everywhere in the mainland, these birds can be found in open forests and woodlands, and are commonly found around human habitation. A seemingly fearless little bird who aggressively defends its territory, Willie will often pester much larger birds, such as the magpie, kookaburra, raven or even the mighty wedge tailed eagle. Often described in stories, including many Aboriginal folk tales, the willie wagtail has many connotations for different tribes. In the far north York Peninsula, Willie is considered the bearer of bad news, stealing people’s secrets as it listened in to conversations around the campfire. In the Kimberley, it was believed that the willie was the smartest of all animals and could inform the spirit of a recently departed person if relatives spoke badly of him. In New Guinea, the willie has the reputation of a good bird, who could bring good crops if it came near and twittered when a new garden was being tilled.

Whatever people may think of him, the willie himself really isn’t concerned about his reputation, and he makes a handsome image on this striking sign that is located in Stewarton, Victoria. Hand painted with artist acrylics directly on the sign surface, the letters and accents are hand carved and painted.

Carved & Painted
Flat Painted
Sign Size
32 " x 18 "