Wood Lodge Property Sign

‘HIGH IN THE CHAFFY, taffy-colored haze of the hayloft, up under the starry nail-hole twinkle of the old tin roof, there in a nest of straw and baling twine I have hidden my valentine for you: a white heart woven of snowy feathers’… from ‘Barn Owl’ by Ted Kooser

The barn owl is a bird that is found virtually everywhere in the world (apart from polar and desert regions) and is familiar to humans because it often lives near them, in barns, sheds, and church steeples. It also roosts by day in hollow logs or caves and prefers open habitats such as farm fields and lightly wooded forests. Although there are about 28 subspecies, with a lot of variation in size and coloring, the barn owl is easily distinguished from other owls by its heart-shaped face and usually white. Other feathers are mottled gray or brown, often speckled. This owl does not hoot, but has an eerie shriek instead. Nocturnal, like other owls, it sometimes hunts by day as well. A barn owl’s hearing is so acute that it can catch a mouse in total darkness. This is due to its unique facial shape, which captures and focuses sound into its ears which are right next to the eyes. Engineered for silent flight, their downy feathers do not rustle when they move, and surprise is their tactic for catching prey, rather than speed.

The owners of Wood Lodge chose a barn owl for their property sign. The artwork was hand painted directly on the sign surface with Liquitex Professional acrylics, while the text and groove border were carved with a hand chisel.

Carved & Painted
Flat Painted
Sign Size
19 " x 10 "