Fox Hill Entrance Sign

FOX HILL is an intentional Christian community located in Orange County, New York State. The population of 250 members live on several hundred acres of rural fields and woodland. They staff and operate their own school, grow much of their own food, and earn a living making wooden blocks and play equipment for kindergarten age children. Their products are sold internationally under the brand name of Community Playthings.

Like many other rural communities, small towns or well planned subdivisions - Fox Hill saw the advantage of having an artistic handcrafted welcome sign at their boundary to the main road. A landmark like this one makes it easy for visitors to find your entry drive. The sign welcomes friends, identifies the property for business contacts or delivery vehicles, and gives residents a beautiful brand to refer to when giving directions. This comes in handy as Fox Hill is a venue for many events that involve the wider community.

This hand sculpted and artist painted fox has real a personality, and the artist's representation of the surrounding countryside makes the sign a favourite among locals. The weatherproof HDU/PVC sign panel was mounted on nominal 4x4 timber posts and of course the tasteful landscaping enlarges and improves the brand's visual impact.

When we supply signs like this one, Danthonia usually ships the handcrafted sign panel with rust free hanging hardware. We then recommend that a local installer is tasked with sourcing and erecting the posts. This saves on shipping costs for the posts and allows a local professional to weigh in on any installation decisions related to the local sign codes and wind conditions.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on / Flat Painted Background
Sign Size
94 " x 46 "