Fox Hollow Property Sign

A FOX AND ACORNS are the featured artworks on this handsome property sign in Ellicott City, Maryland. Chosen from among hundreds of images, they were configured by the customer who also chose the sign’s shape, colors, text style, edging, texture, size, and everything else about it, as well as seeing the price as she designed, so she could budget the project (mainly by changing the sign’s size). She could save as many design revisions as she wanted, emailing her favorites to friends for feedback. When she was satisfied that it was just right, she added it to the cart and ordered. Soon a polished design proof was emailed back for her comments and final approval, and the sign hit the workshop, where it was cut out, painted, hand carved and gilded and hand painted. Within two weeks, a photo of the finished sign was emailed, and the sign shipped for a 21 day delivery from the time of approval.

It’s interesting how often foxes have been chosen on our signs, both sculpted and flat painted, in natural and in comical poses such as drinking wine or relaxing on a beach. There is something appealing about foxes, with their handsome markings and graceful bearing, even if they are somewhat controversial these days, both with farmers and increasingly in urban areas, where they have become somewhat overly tame and opportunistic, even entering buildings and raiding pet cages. In a Sydney suburb, someone reported seeing foxes gathered under a streetlamp at night, watching for exhausted Christmas beetles to drop to the ground. More alarming, a friend of mine in London had her guinea pig snatched away by a fox while it was in its box on the kitchen floor! On the other hand, foxes have been known to control pests in commercial orchards without harming the fruit. But, whatever the debate, foxes will always be a favorite both in folklore and in art, and as long as they are in demand, we will be happy to keep painting them.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Flat Painted Artwork
Sign Size
25 " x 15 "
  • The sign was a Christmas present for my husband. He loved it and it is absolutely perfect. You did a wonderful job. I would recommend your signs to anyone.