Huckleberry Farms Duck Camp Sign

“…THE EARLY SPORTSMAN oft may view the spot, and kindly breathe the charitable wish; the sun at least may smile, the dews of Heav’n softly descend; and Nature’s gentle voice opt whisper sweetly o’er the grassy mound. Nature! Admired and loved! With thee began the sporting strain, with thee the strain shall end. Is there who, dead to feeling, never heard thy sweet inviting voice, that gently calls to pleasures ever new – for whom thine hand has decked the seasons, the green budding Spring, the glowing summer, Autumn rich in fruits, and Winter clad in ermine robe, in vain? Can the sweet breath of flowers, the song of birds, the waving forest and the murmuring stream inspire no soft delight? The towering rock, or foaming torrent, or the dazzling sight of wintry splendour, raise no sacred awe? Unhappy is his fate, though Fortune shower her envied favours thick upon his head! O great and beautiful in all thy works, in every season and in every scene! May the life-blood that circles round my heart, forget to flow when I forget they praise, or fail to seek thee with industrious foot in all the varied walks, whilst Sport shall throw o’er all thy charms a lovelier brighter grace.” John Vincent – ‘Fowling’ 1808

A dramatic hand painted duck hunting scene is the main feature on this beautiful camp sign. The painting is an add on panel, giving added dimension, while the letters are incise carved and gilded with 23kt gold. A black cove edge finishes off the design perfectly.

Carved & Gilded
Painted Add on Panel
Sign Size
34 " x 23 "