Monkey Maven House Sign

‘I HAVE A LITTLE MONKEY. My monkey’s name is Sam. He’s braver than a billy goat, he’s softer than a lamb. He’s stronger than a rhino, he’s wilder than a goose. He’s bigger than a rabbit, and cooler than a moose. He’s cuter than a kitten, he’s slyer than a fox. He’s just the best pet ever and – oh yeah, he’s made of socks. Jaymie Gerard, My Pet Monkey

Sock monkeys have been around for a long time and are an established part of North American culture, especially for a dedicated and not-so-small group of monkey-makers. The monkeys probably started becoming popular around the early 1930’s when the Nelson Knitting Company in Rockford, Illinois produced their famous trademark red-heeled socks, named ‘De-Tec-Tip’, but more commonly known as the ‘Rockford Red Heel’. (John Nelson, a Swedish immigrant to the USA, had patented the sock-knitting machine back in 1868, and the first ‘celebrated Rockford Seamless Hosiery’ had appeared in 1880.) At any rate, sooner or later that red heel would inevitably lead to the creation of the first red-mouthed sock monkey, and when people think of sock monkeys, they usually picture them with the traditional red mouth. During the great depression, people crafted these monkeys from worn out Rockford Red Heel socks.

The popularity of sock monkeys (now made from any kind and color of sock) has made them the center of books, jewelry, movies, and special occasions. In fact, in 2005, the city of Rockford (having the sock monkey as part of its history), held its first ‘Sock Monkey Madness Festival’ in the Midway Village Museum. Here, fans could join the Make-a-Monkey workshop (where parents and children make their own toy), see the Mr. and Ms. Sockford beauty pageant, or take advantage of the free medical check-up or minor surgery for old sock monkeys at the Sockford General Hospital, among other activities. Each year has a theme – it was ‘Superheroes’ in 2014, and ‘Fairy Tales’ in 2015.

This sign was created for a dedicated monkey maker, who tends to use tan colored socks for her characters. The banana letters and monkeys were all hand sculpted and painted.

'Ice falls from the sky, Woolen socks ripen with age. New monkeys are born'. Sharlene Van Rooy

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