Russell Villa House Name Sign

A CLIENT from South Australia used our Danthonia web based sign design tools to create this handsome fox-themed house sign for his 1899 era home 'Russell Villa'. He was able to experiment with different designs and email various ideas to his wife and others until the perfect design was decided on. At that point he ordered the sign on line and our artists and artisans did the rest. By creating his own design on our website he was quoted a price about 25% lower than list - and got great value for money without sacrificing any quality on the craftsmanship or materials of the sign itself.

For those who are not yet as confident on computers, or who would like their sign designed professionally - you can check out our various design packages. This approach costs more but our design team is internationally awarded and the resulting sign will be world class.

The Russell Villa sign features a hand-sculpted, hand-painted resting fox. Fox artwork is often requested on signs that we make. Many of these requests come from the USA or England where foxes are considered an example of natural wildlife, or story book characters whose fame for shrewdness and cleverness have reached mythical proportions. But even in Australia where most people look upon the fox as an ‘invasive species’ - the handsome shape and coloring of the creature makes it a perfect subject for the sign artist. See our wildlife signs section for more examples of fox signage and signage showing other popular creatures of the wilderness.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted Add on
Sign Size
20 " x 12 "