Thalgarrah Education Centre Sign

"IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!" Dylan Year 3

And having fun in nature is what Thalgarrah Environmental Education Centre is all about. This is a unique facility that is part of the New South Wales Department of Education & Communities. The folks at the centre offer programs for students ranging from Kindergarten to Year 12, as well as supporting teachers and schools in the whole area of education about the environment and sustainability. Located right next to a wildlife refuge and the Gara River on the site of a former public school, it is the perfect setting for kids to learn and experience hands-on from the outdoors. Everything from dip-netting in the river, building nest boxes, studying bugs, and seeing first-hand the animals living in both wet and dry environments, to learning how to recycle paper and make a compost pile – these are are all activities kids can explore at Thalgarrah. Both day visits and overnight camps are options as well.

The sugar glider was a fitting choice for the centre’s ‘mascot’, since it is a well-loved, sociable native throughout the northern and eastern region of Australia, in the same general family as the kangaroo and koala. This appealing little marsupial is nocturnal, and lives most of its life in trees. It is a gliding possum, with a flap of loose skin extending from its hands to its feet, which makes possible glides of 50 meters or more, steered by the curve of the flap or by moving the legs and tail.

In creating this dimensional sign, the sugar glider became the focal point as a hand sculpted and painted add on. The main text was carved using hand chisels as well, and painted. Although this photo shows a magnetic message board, the price includes the main panel only.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
51 " x 29 "