Wallaby Cottage Sign

THIS ATTRACTIVE COTTAGE SIGN in Withcott, Queensland is a good example of a self-designed sign from Danthonia Designs.

The name ‘wallaby’ originates from the Eora, the indigenous people who were the first inhabitants of the Sydney basin area and along the coastal area of New South Wales, united by a common language and strong ties of kinship. Literally ‘the people’ – derived from ‘ee’ (yes) and ‘ora’ (here). The wallabies themselves are usually smaller than kangaroos, though some can grow up to six feet from head to tail.

It may be that the owners of Wallaby Cottage are also fans of the Australian national rugby union team which represents Australia internationally, and is nicknamed the ‘Wallabies’ and is currently ranked third in the IRB World Rankings.

Whatever the reason, this sign is a beautiful hand crafted addition to this home, with its hand painted artwork. Since the owners had literally hundreds of options to choose from for artwork, color combinations, styles, shapes and sizes, they had fun creating just the right custom house sign. They could save as many designs as they wanted and then come back to them to tweak to their heart’s content or send to friends or family for input. Since the price shows live on the sign designer website, they were able to budget their project as they went along. When they were ready to order, they just added the design to the cart and ordered online. A refined design was then sent back to them for their final approval and the sign went into production.

Flat Painted
Flat Painted
Sign Size
21 " x 12 "
  • We are very happy with the sign and I have attached a photo for you. Thank you. Susan