Bacchus House Sign

This appealing little house sign was created with Danthonia's sign designer. The grapes are hand painted while the text and border are hand carved and painted.

Carved & Painted
Flat Painted
Sign Size
16 " x 6 "
  • This was taken of my husband and dog the day we put it up and we had a glass of wine to celebrate.
    We live in Little Italy (Leichhardt) and love wine. My husband also works in the film industry which is how we came up with the name. ‘Bacchus’ is the Roman God of Wine and the Theatre!
    I’ve told everyone about your website which has probably been the easiest online purchasing experience – and one of the most enjoyable.
    I found your service very professional and received the completed sign in a very short time frame.
    Thanks again for your great service.
    Kind regards,