Bellawood Alpaca Stud Farm Sign

ORIGINALLY NATIVE TO THE HIGH ANDES, alpacas are one of the world’s oldest domesticated breed of livestock and are a relative to the llama. Even before the time of the Inca empire, alpacas have been an important part of the Andean culture for six thousand years or longer. The natives of Peru, Bolivia and Chile traditionally kept alpacas in small herds, using them for clothing, food and heat. Related to camels – which share the characteristic of having two toed, padded feet and a split upper lip – they also have the same long-paced gait in common. Well known for their long, silky wool (often mixed with silk or cotton) alpaca apparel was popular throughout the 19th and 20th century, where it comes up often in literature of the time. Seen as a luxury item and a status symbol, alpaca clothing was most commonly worn by the elite.

In more recent years, alpacas were introduced in North America, Europe and Australia where herds have been established, with the aim of developing a market for the fiber. In the late 70’s, United Nations Food & Agricultural Organization defined the ideal animal for the future as an animal that is a ruminant, needs little water, is highly fertile and provides protein and other products. Alpacas fit all these criteria perfectly.

Bellawood Alpaca Stud in Goulburn, New South Wales was established in 1996 – breeding and raising alpacas, providing transport service, shearing and husbandry and workshops. When they were looking for a distinctive sign for their business farm, they discovered Danthonia, and worked together with their designers to create this lovely entrance statement. The life-like llamas were hand sculpted and painted, added on to a hand painted backdrop, with real gold trim matching the hand carved and gilded main text.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted Add on / Flat Painted Background
Sign Size
79 " x 16 "