Bentivegna Law Office Sign

WHEN LAWYER Nicholas Bentivegna opened a small practice in rural Ebensburg, Pennsylvania some years ago - he decided that a handcrafted sign was the best way to identify and brand his new office. A small and tidy town in the Allegheny Mountains Ebensburg was founded in 1796. Classic buildings like the Cambria County Courthouse and other period architecture in the area give just the right setting for hand-carved and hand gilded signage. A classic carved sign placed on or near an historic building can make a new business look like it has been there for generations.

Many people visit this web site and look at our extensive portfolio of Law Office Signs and Attorney Signs. This lawyer’s office sign is one of their favorites . The simplicity of the red oval is what makes it so pleasing. The boldness of the chisel carved and gilded ‘Law Office’ text gives a striking contrast to the softer, more elegant script used for the lawyer’s name. When typography is used and combined tastefully no other artwork is really needed. A gilded groove goes around the border of this sign and a black edge frames the perimeter to complete the picture.

The paint was applied with a roller leaving a very subtle orange peel texture. Clients wishing for their weatherproof HDU signage to appear like a wood sign may request a brushed texture when we apply the paint. This single sided sign is mounted to the post with rust free powder-coated aluminium hanging hardware.

Carved & Gilded
Sign Size
36 " x 22 "