Making a Sign for Twin Acres

We haven’t done a step-by-step article since the one about faux woodgrain. Time for another one! Here’s a sign we made last year, which I photographed at various stages of production. Here’s the sequence (albeit incomplete):

paint roller

Painting the panel with a roller

chisel carving by hand

Hand-carving the groove

chisel carving a sign

And the letters

sculpting a loon

Meanwhile, the add-on was being hand-sculpted. Can you tell what it will be?

painting letters on a sign

Painting the letters and grooves

painting a loon sculpture

Artist-Painting the add-on. It’s a loon.

rolling paint on a sign trim

Painting the trim with a roller

eye-bolts in a sign

Screwing in the stainless steel eye-bolts.

hanging sign with loon artwork

And finally, the finished product!

If anyone happens across this sign, in the region of Farmingdale, New York, please send us a photo!