The Making of a Pub Sign, Part One

We made this little video a while ago, but only got around to posting it here now. Hope you enjoy it!

Don: Portland is a city known for its many brewpubs, and one of the newest is The Oregon Public House. It’s also establishing a reputation as being one of the best.

Here at Danthonia Designs, we make handcrafted signs from our workshop in Inverell, Australia. We were recently commissioned by The Oregon Public House to make a classic pub sign for them. We’ve made a lot of pub signs over the years, and each one has its own unique character.

Joe: The local public house has always been a place of friendship, community and old-world hospitality, and the handcrafted pub sign over the door plays a big part, not only in the way it’s designed but in the care and craftsmanship that goes into making it. People will come back again and again to a pub where there’s good food, good atmosphere, but it’s the handcrafted pub sign that gets them through the door the first time.

Don: We started off the design process by first of all establishing the look and the feel that the folks at Oregon Public House wanted.Then, we came up with some pencil sketches. We drew our inspiration from the classic old pub signs of England and Ireland, as well as the vernacular hand-painted signs of the American Old West.

Pete, from The Oregon Public House, sent us photos of gilded flourishes off an old fire engine, which he wanted us to incorporate. After a little back and forth, we finally settled on this design, which everyone seemed happy with.

The next videos in the series will follow the sign as it makes its way through the many stages of our shop, from the pencil sketch all the way until it’s hanging. Feel free to leave a comment, sunscribe to our channel, start a conversation with us, but whatever you do, don’t miss the next videos in this series!

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Oregon Public House Sign

Sign Design Pencil Sketches

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Gilding a Sign

Gilding a Sign

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  1. Great video! I do remember seeing this when it was first posted though I didn’t comment? Unlike me! Hope business is brisk and keep up the good work Don!

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