A Sign for The National Goanna Pulling Championship

Wooli, New South Wales is a picturesque seaside resort town north of Coffs Harbour. It’s also home to a somewhat unusual annual sporting event – The National Goanna Pulling Championship. A goanna is a large monitor lizard that can be found throughout most of Australia, but ‘Goanna Pulling’ is a sport for humans, not lizards. It’s essentially a two-person tug of war, in which the neck of both contestants plays a leading role. Here’s what I mean:

This year, we were approached by the Clarence Valley Council to make a sign for the event. They wanted it rustic and maybe just a little outlandish, in keeping with the sport itself. Here are a few images of the sign being made:

Rolling Paint on a Sign Panel

Rolling Paint on the Background Sign Panel

Painting Faux Rust

Applying a Faux Rust Effect with a Sponge


Creating a Woodgrain Texture in the Paint on the Add-On Panel, Using a Broom

Painting Faux Woodgrain

Painting a Lighter Tone of Brown on Top

Faux Woodgrain

…And Rubbing Most of it Off Again!


Cutting gout the Script Lettering on a Scroll Saw


Painting the Letters


Gluing Everything Together

Gluing Letters


Wolli Goanna Pulling Sign

And finally, here it is installed & ready for next year’s big event!

Wooli Goanna Pulling Championship Sign | Danthonia Designs Blog

(image courtesy of bearomite)


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  1. Another amazing piece of work Don, i like your use of the scroll saw for cutting out the letters, I still have problems controlling mine, sometimes it seems like its got a life of its own, have you any recommendations as regards speed or blade tension when using it.


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