A Visit from Glenn Case

Superwetpaint Van

Glen & I hold up his hand-painted vehicle magnets

On Monday afternoon, we were visited by Glenn Case, also known as ‘Superwetpaint‘. Glenn is a muralist and sign-painter who grew up in North Carolina, learned the craft in Seattle, and now lives with his wife in Brunswick Heads. He was ‘on his way’ to Sydney to paint a sign for a Jamaican restaurant. We had an enjoyable afternoon of carving, lettering, and discussing the finer points of hand-crafted sign artistry.


The author tries out Glen’s brush and mahlstick.

Here’s a little more of Glenn’s work:

Painting a Surfboard

Hand-Lettered Surfboard

A Distressed Wooden Sign

If you happen to be in need of a hand-painted mural, or some lettering on your surfboard, Glenn is your man!