Brunswick Heads Town Welcome Sign

Brunswick Heads Chamber of Commerce wanted rustic and artistic dimensionally handcrafted entry signage to promote tourism in their area. Danthonia designed this friendly entrance sign complete with hand sculpted boat and carved letters.

Sculpted Add on
Sign Size
39 " x 59 "
  • A Gateway Sign makes a statement about who we are and what visitors can expect when they arrive. We have had many unsolicited supportive comments from the local. Everyone loves the colours, design and some have particularly liked the ""relief"" aspect, for which the Danthonia designers should take great credit!
    I have to say that we were thrilled with the way Danthonia interpreted our brief visually! Danthonia's designers seemed to have no trouble tapping into our wavelength. You provided excellent specifications for the installers and completed the work on time. What more could anyone want? We are very happy customers and would have no hesitation in recommending you to other towns.
    Kim Rosen
    Brunswick Heads

    Kim Rosen"