Rooster Alley Coffee Company Sign

I LIKE THE WAY the rooster lifts his feet, so jauntily exact, Then droops one springy yellow claw aloft just like a tailor gathering up a pleat. And then there are those small surprising lilts, both rollicking and staid, That grace his bishop's gait, like a waltzer on a pair of supple stilts Or a Russian on parade. I like the way he swivels and then slants his red, demented eye To tipsy calibrations of his comb and ogles the barnyard with a shopkeeper's stance. Sometimes his glossy wattles shudder and bulge as he bends his feathered ear And listens, fixed in trance. When drowsy grubs below the ground indulge And then stretch up for air. How promptly he administers his peck, brisk and executive, And the careless victim flipflops in his grip! I like the way his stubby little beak produces that dark, corroded croak Like a grudging nail tugged out of stubborn wood: No 'cock-a-doodle-doo' but awk-a-awk! He yawps whenever he's in the mood And the thirst and clutch of life are in his squawk. Chiefly I love the delicate attention of the waking light that falls Along his shimmery wings and bubbling plumes As though light pleasured in tangerine and gentian Or sported like some splashy kid with paints. But Rooster forms his own cortège, gowns himself in marigold and shadow, flaunts His scintillant, prismatic tints - The poorest glory of a country town.’ Eric Ormsby, Rooster

This café in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, chose the iconic rooster for its branding image and this dimensional sign shows him off in all his glory, with hand sculpted and painted artwork. All text and groove border were hand carved and gilded with 23kt gold leaf.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
25 " x 33 "