Burcham Dental Arts Business Sign

DENTAL OFFICE SIGNS are a regular part of Danthonia’s business, and they can be as interesting and inviting as every other kind of sign. We have sculpted and/or painted molars, both realistic and caricatured in every imaginable friendly pose – smiling, waving a toothbrush, wearing a cowboy hat, etc. We have sculpted teeth with braces, a mouse driving a sports car with a shiny real gold front tooth, a dentist holding a bouquet of flowers – anything to help make a dental office a place that is less scary and a bit more welcoming, especially when it comes to children.

In this case, the folks at Burcham Dental Arts in Kennett, Missouri went for a bright, professional yet casual look and dispensed with artwork. They were able to come up with just the design they were looking for by creating their own custom design using Danthonia’s sign designer website. The colors of all elements, the sign shape, size, corners, edging, texture, accent, typeface style, hanging system, etc. were all choices to be made and configured. They could save as many different designs as they wanted, to email around or just to keep on file until they were ready to order, when it was as simple as adding the final design to the cart. Within 24 hours, they received a polished design proof via email for their feedback and final approval before the sign went into production. A photo of the finished sign was sent about two weeks later, and the sign itself arrived three weeks from the time approval was given.

The text, groove and accent were all carved using hand chisels, and the sign hangs from a Danthonia ‘wrought iron’ scroll hanger, which is really made of sturdy rustproof powder coated aluminium.

Carved & Painted
Sign Size
33 " x 33 "
  • We get LOTS of compliments on it and already have a financial advisor down the street asking for your information! Thank you for the gorgeous work!!