Deerfield Dental Office Sign

THIS IMPRESSIVE DENTAL OFFICE sign design has been a favorite of our customers for years. The original sign hangs in Deerfield, New Hampshire in front of a state of the art dental facility that specializes in both cosmetic and family dentistry. You can just imagine how it might intrigue a young and somewhat worried young patient and help to ease his first visit to the dentist.

This handcrafted sign is completely dimensional – with a large hand sculpted and painted molar surrounded by a 3D sculpted banner. The sign is made of high density urethane (HDU) which is laminated to an inner PVC core to add stability and structural strength for installation. Since HDU is both insect and waterproof, it will outlast wood, which can warp, rot and crack in the elements. You wouldn’t know that it isn’t wood to look at it though, because it is the same density, weight and feel as wood. And the paints are UV resistant Dulux Weathershield – a premium exterior acrylic paint based on mineral pigments that was engineered in Australia where the sun is fiercest. The text is incise carved using hand chisels – some is gilded with the elegance of real 23kt gold leaf and the rest is hand painted.

A unique sign like this soon becomes a landmark and is a great return on investment for any business. It says ‘Quality’ without having to use the word. For most signs, we have a three week turnaround from the time a customer gives their approval on a design to delivery at their door.

Carved & Gilded
Sign Size
32 " x 36 "