Christina Fleury Law Office Sign

This attorney sign looks official but beautiful with its gilded letters and precisely carved and gilded Scales of Justice icon. The dark background behind the gilded scales makes them stand out with even more clarity. Choosing your sign elements selectively is key to having a strong design. A sign with a lot of clutter confuses customers and is less pleasing to the eye. The large exterior border gives the sign prominence and visual weight.

Carved & Gilded
Incise Carved & Gilded Add on
Sign Size
24 " x 30 "
  • Not only is the workmanship absolutely beautiful and of the highest quality, the sign has held up well and still looks like new after 3 years of snowy, icy winters and hot, humid summers! The colors have held fast and the investment has been well worth it. My sign presents a great first impression of my firm and has drawn in many customers who might otherwise not have noticed me.