Kurtz Law Offices Sign

LAWYER DANA KURTZ loved the style of her original handcrafted Kurtz Law Office LLC sign and it was still weathering quite well. But she needed to change the initials following the name of her law firm to say LTD. Her existing sign had been designed and created by Spring Valley Signs, an award winning company in Pennsylvania that unfortunately closed their sign-making operations in 2010.

Ms Kurtz emailed the SVS e-address and was forwarded to Danthonia Designs. Danthonia is an internationally awarded designer and manufacturer of handcrafted dimensional signage. Our crafts people were the ones who had originally taught the Spring Valley folk how to make dimensional signage. Danthonia was well positioned to help Kurtz Law update their signage as we have access to Spring Valley Signs design records and invoices. We still use similar materials and hand-crafting techniques to those used on signs made by the Spring Valley Signs craftspeople, We decided the best way to tweak text without hurting the look and style of the sign was to create a carved and gilded HDU add-on panel to overlay and update the existing text. We then used this new ‘layered look’ for a second sign that Kurtz Law needed for the wall of their building. Everyone was happy with the design suggestions and Kurtz had their new signage in hand 21 days later.

In addition to the traditionally hand carved and 23kt gold gilded text, the K logo features a unique chip carved and gilded background. Gold leaf looks much better when applied to carved surfaces that reflect against each other - rather than simply applying the wrinkled gold foil flat onto the sign.

Carved & Gilded
Add on Logo Panel - Carved
Sign Size
42 " x 26 "