Batavia Retail Sign

"O LOVELY BATAVIA, that holds me spellbound, There your Town Hall with its proudly arching vaults rears its profile! How splendid is your situation! Your broad Canals, replenished with fresh water, beautifully planted, need bend before no city in the Netherlands...The Tiger's Canal, of which Batavia well may boast, throws up proudly to the skies a row of Palaces and glitters from end to end with jewels of architecture... O'ershadowed by an avenue of eternal spring green... How does Batavia charm the stroller then!" Jan de Marre, circa 1710

Batavia, in Dutch East Indies was only one of the former names of what is now Jakarta, Indonesia. It happens to also be the name of a ship of the Dutch East India Company that was shipwrecked just off the coast of Australian on her maiden voyage in 1629. The name is fitting, then, for a traditional tea salon and coffee house with old world ambience that also combines with a homewares store supporting fair trade and village industries in Java. This family owned business takes pride in establishing productive relationships with loca Javanese people near their workshop in East Java. Here you will not only find crafts, but also artifacts from bygone colonial empires.

This exotic hand crafted sign is a landmark for people in Brisbane. The main text is incise carved and gilded with 23kt gold. The cutaway patterns are laid against a gilded chip carved background, and subtext is carved and painted. Although it looks exactly like wood, it is made of high density urethane – a completely waterproof material with the weight and density of wood, but the benefit of much longer weatherability outdoors.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Add on Panel with Cut outs
Sign Size
110 " x 51 "