Linda Clifford Retail Sign

‘FEAR SAM BITH a loisgeas a mhàs, ‘s e fhèin a dh’fheumas suidhe air. Whoever burns his backside must himself sit upon it.’ Celtic proverb.

A word of wisdom from the old country! And at Linda Clifford’s Scottish and Irish Merchant shop in Bethel, Maine you’ll find plenty of ‘gems’ of every kind in the way of cultural information, music, and Celtic items of every description. Interestingly, the shop’s owner and founder, Linda, was born in North Carolina, and only became interested in the Celtic world when she was in her 20’s. When she finally had her chance to visit Scotland, she fell in love with it, returning many times since then. The store features kilts and tartans (did you know that a regulation kilt is 100% wool and uses 8 yards of tartan?) Irish pottery, handmade in Kilkenny, is hand thrown from earthenware, with each design applied using carefully cut sponges, as well as music, cooking, and gifts of all kinds. Heritage Irish crystal, mouth blown and hand cut in County Waterford using traditional methods, is on offer here too. The Celtic symbols appear everywhere, especially in the jewelry – the rowan tree of life, ogham (early Irish writing), and especially the claddagh – traditional symbol, usually used in a ring. This symbol of two hands (representing friendship), heart (love) and crown (loyalty) originated in the fishing village of Claddagh, near Galway back in the 1600’s.

It was natural to choose the Claddagh for the main feature on this dimensional sign for the store. The symbol was hand sculpted – with flowers painted and the lower part gilded with 23kt gold leaf. The main text was hand carved and gilded as well.

Carved & Gilded
Scuplted & Gilded / Painted
Sign Size
22 " x 29 "