R.M. Williams Retail Sign

THE NAME R.M. Williams is synonymous with quality. The company was founded back in 1932 by Reginald Murray Williams - a man who, from the age of 16 on, worked his way through the outback as a camel boy, drover, bootmaker, miner, historian and author - just to name a few. He picked up a lot of bushlore and survival skills from the aboriginal people wherever he went and learned how to handle stock from cattlemen of the outback cattle stations on the fringe of the desert.

1932 saw the beginning of the Great Depression, when R.M.and his young family were camped out in the Gammon Ranges, struggling to make a living as he sunk wells and took on any odd jobs on the surrounding stations. It was then that an older man called Dollar Mick turned up in an old buggy pulled by two mules. R.M. said that meeting this man marked the true beginning of his life's work.

Dollar Mick was a self-taught genius in leatherworking, and he passed on his skills to 24 year old R.M., helping him to make his first pair of boots which were sold to a man from Hitalba Station. After this first success, he decided to set up a factory in an iron woolshed behind his father's house in Prospect. From this humble beginning, with no capital and very little help, R.M. put out advertisements and began a mail order service and an iconic Austtralian company was born.

As time went on, the business diversified - to boots were addes saddles and riding equipment, jeand, clothing and the famous moleskins. It grew to the present, when the R.M. Williams company has more than 50 retail stores in Australia, as well as two international stores in London and New York. Exports go to 15 countries, as well as over 900 stockists around the world.

These qualities of authenticity and durability were a good match for a Danthonia sign. The hand sculpted longhorn steer logo is gilded with real 23kt gold. The text is incise carved by hand and gilded as well.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Gilded Add on
Sign Size
36 " x 19 "