So Hip it Hurts Retail Sign

SO HIP IT HURTS is a shop in downtown Toronto, Ontario that specializes in skateboards, snowboards, and hard to find surfing accessories. With claims of being the oldest and best skate and snowboard shop in the city (it has been going now for over 21 years) it offers an alternative experience for skaters and shoppers to the large generic shops. The shop displays vintage skateboards from the clay wheel days and first release snowboards from back in the 70’s, along with a wall of fame that includes skating celebrities’ signatures.

To those of us who are not so knowledgeable in the skateboarding world, a little background might be in order, and it is a pretty fascinating history. Skateboarding started back in the 1950’s or thereabouts in California (no one knows exactly who made the first board, though several people have claimed the honor) where surfers had the idea of ‘surfing’ the streets when they weren’t at the ocean. It is more than likely that a few people had the idea at the same time. The first skaters began with wooden boards or boxes with roller skate wheels, and with all these homemade innovations, pretty much anything went, with the result that a lot of people got hurt, especially in those early days. The boards got more refined in time and companies began producing pressed layers of wood, similar to today’s skateboard decks.

By the early 60’s, skateboarding had taken off, with competitions that were mostly freestyle or downhill slalom – quite different from the style today. The freestyle skating resembled ballet or ice skating. Then, popularity waned and people who were serious about skateboarding made their own boards from scratch, since they weren’t easily available. With clay wheels, the boards were dangerous and hard to control, until urethane skateboard wheels got invented in 1972, and they have changed very little since then. This, together with a revolutionary new way of skating, brought skateboarding back, together with an edgy, anti-establishment aura that has stayed with the sport to this day, even though it has in many ways become more mainstream.

There’s much you could tell, including the first World Cup Skateboarding in 1994, and vert skating, which began when someone used a drained swimming pool during a drought in California, sparking off vertical ramps where it was possible to do faster moves and incredible mid-air acrobatics for the daring.

This interior handcrafted sign was hand carved and painted, with brushed texture for a wooden look, hanging from a Danthonia scroll hanger, fitting in perfectly with the ambiance of the store.

Carved & Painted
Flat Painted
Sign Size
24 " x 28 "