A Classic Auto Sign

‘ANY CAR CAN BE a collector car, if you collect it.” Jay Leno

Although there is doubtless some truth to this statement, a lot of car enthusiasts will tell you that there is a great difference between ‘collector cars’ and ordinary old cars. In general terms, a vintage car is just an old car. But to serious car collectors, this category would apply to cars from around 1919 to 1930. In fact, for some, there are definite distinctions between antique cars, classic cars, vintage cars, etc. Specifically, the Classic Car Club of America defines a classic car as ‘a “fine" or “distinctive” automobile, either American or foreign built, produced between 1925 and 1948.’ They go on to say that other factors determine a car’s status such as custom coachwork or luxury accessories.

Back in 1919, cars were obviously much more of a rarity, until about 1930, when they had become a common part of life in the western world. Car production at this time actually wasn’t matched until much later, in the 1950’s. Thousands of miles of paved roads were built during those years (the first mile of concrete road in the world was Woodward Avenue in Detroit, built in 1909) which vastly changed the design of cars, and gradually many improvements were added such as heating, radio, four wheel braking system, and power steering.

This dimensional sign celebrates the classic car with its detailed hand sculpted and painted artwork. The lettering is carved with hand chisels and gilded with 23kt gold leaf.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
48 " x 48 "