Belle Meade Sidewalk Signs

BELLE MEADE is a 30 acre historical property located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. It dates back to 1806 when John Harding first purchased the land, building a cotton gin, and soon adding a grist mill and saw mill. 1820 saw the construction of the first brick house and the name ‘Belle Meade’ (meaning ‘beautiful meadow’) came into being. Soon, Harding was offering thoroughbred boarding and breeding services and racing his own horses on local racetracks and by 1868, Harding had won more purses with his horses than any other person living in the US at that time. Many of the top racing horses (Seabiscuit and Secretariat, for two) can be traced back to Belle Meade horses. This antebellum home, renovated and expanded in 1858, was a mecca for guests from around the country throughout the 1880’s and 90’s, including presidents and generals. A massive deer park, as well as extensive thoroughbred paddocks, were all part of the southern plantation stereotype, with many ex-slaves still living on the property. In its heyday, Belle Meade encompassed 3500 acres, but by 1906, most of the land had been auctioned or sold off. Now, visitors come to see the mansion which serves as a museum, along with a winery, visitor’s center, carriage house, stable, dairy and the original Harding cabin as well as reconstructed slave quarters.

Our most recent signs for Belle Meade include sidewalk signs for their café and ice creamery. With their hand sculpted and painted artwork and 23kt gold, as well as our unique aluminum stand design, these double sided signs are not only classy, but easy to move inside and out as needed.

Carved / Gilded / Painted
Sculpted Add on
Sign Size
18 " x 37 "