Chan Chan Restaurant Sign

CHAN CHAN PERUVIAN CANTINA in Newcastle West is a new restaurant with a definite South American flavour. The chef, Raul Cabrera, who grew up in a Peruvian family, already made his mark at the very successful Bocados Spanish Kitchen, and will now specialize in Peruvian dishes. An open kitchen, Peruvian-style murals, South American music and Spanish speaking staff are all part of the cantina experience. Specifically, the cantina approach is one where food is shared, so the menus are designed accordingly, adding to the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of Chan Chan. The restaurant is named after the largest pre-Columbian city in South America which was capital of the ancient Chimu culture in Peru.

Peruvian dishes are influenced by many cultures – Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Mediterranean. Here you will find everything from the classical dish ceviche (fish cured in citrus juices) and Lomo Saltado (‘thrown around’ in Spanish) to chichamorada (spiced cold drink made from corn, pineapple juice and lime). Chili sauces, fresh herbs and salsas are in abundant use as well.

In coming up with a sign for Chan Chan, the idea was to use their name logo as separate letters rendered from powder coated stainless steel. The channel letters were hand-painted with faux rust streaks and then given a coating of flat clear paint. Threaded pins protruding from the back went through holes in separate backing pieces. The letters were then installed on metal rods on location. The result was this great looking sign with the look of showground light bulb signs, just minus the light bulbs!

Stainless Steel Letters
Sign Size
42 " x 9 "