Danny's Diner Restaurant Sign

THE HUMBLE HAMBURGER says it all on this homey but classy diner sign, where the hand sculpted artwork takes front and center stage. This meal has become an all-American icon, and it’s interesting trying to find out the origin of the burger which, like most things throughout history, has many different claims to authenticity and probably no one will ever know the true story. One thing that most hamburger historians seem to agree on though, is that the hamburger as we know it surfaced around turn of the 20th century. Immigrants from northern Europe, for the most part, embarked from Hamburg, and the Hamburg America Line was a prominent shipping line for almost a century, with the most common destination port being New York City. Restaurants here started offering the Hamburg-style steak in an effort to entice German sailors, and German immigrants also started up restaurants featuring an Americanized version of the original Hamburg steak in the major cities such as Chicago and Philadelphia. It didn’t take long for the hamburger to take off, spreading throughout the USA and then worldwide, mainly due to the ever-growing new concept of fast food and a new business model – the franchise. It was the bun that made the difference…hungry workers who didn’t have the time or place to sit down with a knife, fork and plate could hold a burger in a bun right on the spot and then be on their way – a great idea that, for better or for worse, revolutionized the food industry.

The dimensional burger on this sign was carved using hand gouges and chisels, while the letters are also hand carved, with the largest text being gilded with 24kt gold leaf.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Sculpted Add on
Sign Size
28 " x 28 "