Jimmy's Hot Dogs Business Sign

‘THE NOBLEST OF ALL DOGS is the hot dog – it feeds the hand that bites it.” Laurence J. Peter

For this self-initiated project, we decided to create a sign celebrating the humble hot dog, a good excuse to go all out with some of our favorite typefaces (Wisdom script “Jimmy’s” and Dude “Hot Dogs”). In this case, Dude, a font from the Lost Type Co-Operative claims center stage. This is a great cowboy or wild west style typeface that comes with twelve different variations, all inspired by country music. Sign painter / designer Colt Bowden even made a great little video all about Dude. But what is the Lost Type Cooperative? A type foundry that was started in 2011, the first of its kind – it is a collection of unique typefaces from contributors worldwide, where anyone can go to download their favorite choices free of charge (or pay what you want) with the proceeds going directly to the fonts’ designers. Since going online, these fonts have been widely used by discerning designers from Inverell to London.

In this case, the main text was chip carved with gouges, while the text on the oval add on panel was hand carved.

Carved & Painted / Chip Carved
Sign Size
47 " x 15 "