Moree Landscaping Business Sign

XANTHORRHOEA or Grass Tree is the name of a unique Australian native tree which includes about 30 species of flowering plants. The name is from ancient Greek and literally means ‘yellow flow’, referring to the gold colored resin that drips from the trunk. The plant is actually a living fossil, unlike any other known plant, and it fascinated the first European explorers. The most well-known common name is blackboy, for its imagined similarity in appearance to an Aboriginal boy holding an upright spear. This slow growing tree can live to be hundreds of years old and has always been important to the Aboriginal people who live in the regions where it grows. The flowering spike is perfectly suited for a fishing spear. When soaked in water, the nectar from the flowers makes a sweet tasting drink, which could also be fermented for several days to make a citric flavored alcoholic drink. (Crushed ants, when crushed, could be added to the brew for an extra tang.) The resin is used for making spears and as a glue for repairing leaky coolamons (water containers) and didgeridoos (yidaki). The tender, white sections of the leaves and the roots are all sources of food. Seeds were collected and ground into flour to make a kind of damper (biscuit) cooked in the ashes of a fire. Colonists also made use of the grass tree resin as the basis for varnishes, stove polish, soap making, burned to make a pleasant scent in churches and even used in the manufacturing of early gramophone records.

Not surprisingly, the grass tree was the choice for Moree Landscaping on their business sign. The tree artwork was hand sculpted, while the background and text were sandblasted back to make this striking dimensional sign.

Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
47 " x 56 "