Old Thatch Teashop Signs

‘THE CUP OF TEA on arrival at a country house is a thing which, as a rule, I particularly enjoy. I like the crackling logs, the shaded lights, the scent of buttered toast, the general atmosphere of leisured coziness.’ P.G. Wodehouse

The Old Thatch Teahouse in Shanklin, Isle of Wight is believed to be the oldest building here, originally built in 1690 as fisherman’s cottages, complete with a useful underground tunnel for hiding pirate contraband and for quick getaways. Over the following decades, it was used for many different businesses, until in 1940 it was transformed into a teashop. The thatched roofs are made of reed, with straw ridges where the thatcher’s signature can be found. An award-winning business, Old Thatch’s buildings are Grade II listed, meaning that no changes can be made to the building, so when the owner wanted to make her business stand out, she decided to invest in some signage that would be distinctive and set her tea house apart in this area that is popular with tourists and already full of old-world charm. These dimensional, hand carved signs with their traditional look and real 23kt gold leaf added the needed touch and, according to the new owner, Patricia, they had a real impact on business. “Many people start by taking photos of the building, then stop in for homemade cakes and cream teas.” Shows the difference a sign can make!

The price shown is for the oval wall sign.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted Add ons
Sign Size
28 " x 20 "