Wicked Sisters Cupcake Shop Sign

WICKED SISTERS CUPCAKE SHOP, opened in 2012 in Orem, Utah, is a specialty bakery offering a wide range of foods and desserts – from cakes to vegetarian dishes to gluten free foods. All natural, organic and locally grown, they are committed to supporting the local economy, as well as donating part of all proceeds to the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. With concern for their customer’s safety, no peanut products are offered in their establishment. They have now joined forces with J.Jelly Gourmet and continue to produce their impressive selection of Utah’s highest quality desserts.

Curious about the name, it looks likely to have originated from a Russian folk tale about a Prince Ivan and three beautiful sisters who all took a shine to him. The plot is rather convoluted and a bit on the gory side, but at one point it involves the baking of three crucial cakes. The upshot is the right sister marrying the prince in the end, and the villain getting punished by disappearing in a barrel that floats out to sea, never to return.

Whatever the inspiration, the name made for a fun logo and an amazing dimensional sign. All letters of the main text were prism carved by hand and layered on a white panel. The cupcake and brooms were sculpted by hand as well, while the background panel was carved using hand chisels and painted to look like heavy wood grain. The sign material is actually high density urethane (HDU) which looks, weighs and works like wood, but outlasts wood because it is both waterproof and insect-proof and will not warp, split or rot like wood.

Prism Carved Add ons
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
132 " x 43 "