Windsong Travel Small Business Sign

WINDSONG TRAVEL is a family run business located in Northern New South Wales. The company name was originally taken from the name of the Cracknell family farm. Windsong has been operating out of its headquarters in the town of Inverell since 2001 and grown to become one of the largest travel companies in regional NSW. In February of 2012 Windsong opened a second office in Bellingen NSW.

When asked about running a world travel business from the 'Aussie Bush' - owner James Cracknell says: “There is no stock in the travel industry and with the advent of E-Tickets there is no excuse why we should be any more expensive than anyone else , including the Internet ! ”

Group tours are a popular Windsong offering. An experienced team of tour-leaders travel together with groups from Australia to various destinations ensuring everything works perfectly. Over the last 10 years Windsong Travel has taken more than a thousand passengers on tours to dozens of world class destinations.

When this small but successful business needed some impressive signage they turned to Danthonia - first for Inverell headquarters and later for Bellingen. We recommended taking their existing logo and having us render it as a hand carved brand with 23kt gold gilding. The sign on the photo at left is called a 'hamper sign' and is located over the entry and under an awning - out of direct sun and rain. This advantageous position keeps it looking like new indefinitely - which is great for the close inspection it gets from pedestrians who pass by or clients who walk under the sign on their way into the office.

Carved & Gilded
Incise Carved & Gilded
Sign Size
87 " x 25 "