Carstruck Farm Sign

HORSE FARM SIGNS like this one can sometimes tell a story. It is not hard to imagine what must have happened to this much-loved but unfortunate horse! Hopefully he survived, recovered and will enjoy his portrait by the front gate for many years to come.

Ed, our client from rural Milford NJ, designed this horse sign using the tools provided on Danthonia's sign designer website. He asked our artists to chisel carve the letters and render the horse artwork in hand-sculpted relief. The horse head add-on was glued onto the sign with the neck feathered down to a very thin edge. This trick allows the head to look like it is poking out of a grooved oval ‘window’ - and not simply decapitated.

The left and right mirror-image flourishes are flat painted onto the sign. This adds some variety to a sign design where all the other elements are either carved or sculpted.

If you are planning to purchase a horse farm sign from Danthonia you can either choose from our standard selection of horse artwork, point out one of the horse pictures from an existing sign in our portfolio, or supply a non-copyrighted image off of the internet. If you need us to create a portrait of a specific horse just send along some good photos and add a custom artwork package to the cart when you order your sign.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
20 " x 12 "
  • Hi, I received the sign yesterday. It looks better in person! It is great.

    Thank You Ed