St Colman's Catholic Church Sign

WHEN A NEW parish priest at St Colman’s Catholic Church came to Danthonia Designs for a handcrafted sign - he wanted us to create an original sculpted portrait of their patron saint. Research by our artists soon revealed that there were no less than eleven historically recognised Irish martyrs, missionaries, bishops and/or saints that were known by the name of Colman.

Which one was this church actually named after? Which one should we try to portray? Coleman Elo for example - founded the Abbey of Muckamore. He was appointed as Bishop of Connor. He was author of a Gaelic literary work called Airgitir Crábaid, belived to be the earliest surviving example of Old Irish prose. This Saint Colman died at Lynally on the 26th of September 611, the day that his feast is still celebrated in the Irish Catholic tradition. Saint Colman 'Kolonat' was an Irish-born Christian. Together with Saints Kilian and Totnan they were missionaries to Germany. This St Colman has a feast day on October 27. Saint Colmán mac Luacháin was a 7th century Irish abbot, the founder and patron saint of Lann, a town in county Westmeath.

The Colman that our designers were most eager to portray, for artistic reasons, was Colmán of Cloyne. This saint was a monk, a poet and a bard - well known for playing hymns on the Irish harp. After presenting our suggested sign design portraying a 'harp playing' Colman - some older members of the church questioned whether we had the right saint. Discussions with the priest finally led to the conclusion that harp playing was a fitting activity for ANY saint - so the design passed and the sign pictured at left was approved, crafted and installed to the enjoyment of all!

Lockable magnetic message boards are a great finishing touch for church signs, adding a nice way to reach out to locals and passers by.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Relief Sculpted
Sign Size
47 " x 67 "