St. Joseph's Church Message Board

SAINT JOSEPH’S CATHOLIC CHURCH is located in a small town in rural New South Wales. They wanted a sign for their church that would be beautiful and welcoming to all visitors. Working together with Danthonia’s designers, they came up with this distinctive design, incorporating a Celtic cross.

The story behind the Celtic cross is an interesting one, and of course, it goes back so long ago that no one can be certain of the its origin. This symbol, which combines a cross with a ring around the intersection of the crosspieces, has been popular for centuries, especially since the Celtic revival in the 1900’s. Often richly decorated with Celtic knots, as on the Saint Joseph sign, it was often used for free standing stone crosses as well as grave monuments and other uses, right up to the present and far beyond Ireland’s borders.

A popular legend in Ireland credits the Celtic Christian cross to Saint Patrick (or it could possibly have been Saint Declan) when he lived in Ireland spreading Christianity among the pagan Irish. Combining the Christian symbol of the cross together with the circle representing the sun, some say this was meant to link the importance of the cross with the sun’s life bringing powers. Others say that the sun-circle, being place below the cross, represented the supremacy of Christ over the pagan beliefs centered around the sun at that time.

The Celtic cross shown here was hand sculpted and gilded with 23kt gold leaf. The letters were hand carved as well, and the changeable message board features magnetic letters under a lockable plexiglass cover.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Sculpted & Gilded Add on
Sign Size
67 " x 58 "