Capital Region Prayer & Healing Center sign

CAPITAL REGION Prayer & Healing Center is located in the center of inner-city Albany, NY. A prayer center as well as a medical and psychiatric practice, the center is Christian based, and prayer is an important part of the work. Dr. Bob, founder of the center, may lay claim to being the ‘least successful doctor in America’ as far as money goes (he does not collect a salary and his family lives in the worst neighbourhood in the city) but as far as feeling fulfilled, he may well be the most successful. When Bob was 36, he wanted to do something with his life that would make a difference in the world, and he decided to start medical school (after being a quality control technician.) Upon graduation, he opened his office to people who normally get ignored in the mainstream medical world. This often involves a lot of non-medical attention as well, such as throwing a surprise birthday party for a little girl whose Dad is fighting cancer, or buying Christmas presents for a patient who can’t afford anything for her son.

Danthonia was happy to work together with Dr. Bob in making a quality sign for the center – something with a bit of class that would match the building’s colors. The text is incised carved by hand, with add on name plaques.

Carved & Painted
Sign Size
48 " x 27 "