Chabad Center Church Sign

HANDCRAFTED 'church' signs are not only used by the main line churches. These custom designed pieces of craftwork have also been adapted and used effectively to brand and reach out from other religions and religious organizations.

Chabad Center of Sharon Massachusetts was founded in the 1980s by Rabbi Chaim Wolosow and wife Sarah. From a simple start in the Rabbi's basement, Chabad of Sharon had over the years grown to a size where they required a new building - and a new sign. They offer summer camps, adult education classes, and other services. At Chabad of Sharon everyone is welcome and the tasks they take on are part of a bigger work.

'Chabad' is a Hasidic movement and adheres closely to the Orthodox practice of Judaism. Founded in 1775 Chabad is one of the best known of all Hasidic movements - it is the largest Jewish religious organization in the world today. Four thousand full-time emissary families apply time honored beliefs and principles to guide a workforce that numbers in the tens of thousands. Chabad is dedicated to the welfare of the Jewish people worldwide.

Some points of interest related the design of this sign: The main text is chisel carved by hand and gold gilded with 23kt gold leaf. To indicate the religious foundation Chabad of Sharon chose a hand sculpted scroll to be featured on their sign. This gives a clear but non-verbal message since hand copied scrolls have been used for millennia to keep alive The Law and all of the related teachings that the Jewish people hold dear.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
60 " x 26 "