The Bowery Mission Sign

THE BOWERY MISSION has been 'rebuilding lives' since 1879. A five-story, red-brick, former coffin factory houses this New York City Christian rescue mission. Remodelled in 1909, a second floor chapel features walls displaying Bible verses and a vaulted ceiling. The landmark arched entry way, with a red double door, welcomes visitors from beneath eye catching Tudor-style bay windows. Stained-glass artwork illustrate the parable of the Prodigal Son and quote the text: "When he came to himself he said I will arise and go to my father. He saw him and had compassion. My son was dead and is alive again." The placement of these words is unique in that they are designed to be read from outside the building instead of from inside the chapel.

The Bowery Mission logo uses an image of their famous red door entry overlayed with a subtle white cross to indicate the basis of their mission work and the nature of their welcome.

Danthonia was commissioned to make a series of handcrafted Bowery Mission signs, rendering this red door logo into an inspirational brand for various applications inside the building. The main text was chisel carved and hand painted a semi gloss black. The red door logo art is a 3D add–on layer giving depth and dimension to the signage.

As seen in images at left the mission uses one or the other of their Danthonia signs as a meaningful backdrop for photos of staff and/or program participants. Iconic handcrafted logo signage can effectively represent an organisation like The Bowery Mission and make a great back drop for such photos.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
20 " x 15 "