Bird and Bush Cafe Sign

BIRD AND BUSH is the name of a school café, one of several cafes found on the campus at Somerset College in Mudgeeraba at the Gold Coast, Queensland. The independent, non-denomimational school’s distinctive logo is highlighted here, with its flying magpie and iconic gum tree. An unusual and refreshingly simple yet classic design for a school logo, this image lent itself perfectly to a café sign. The school’s motto is ‘Deo Confidimus’ – ‘In God we Trust’.

So, why the magpie? We can’t say we know exactly what the original artist’s thoughts were, but it is a fact that the Australian magpie is one of the country’s most accomplished songbirds, with a wide range of very complex vocalizations. A few of its other names give an indication of its superb singing qualities: piping crow-shrike, piper, organ bird and flute bird. It was first described in 1802 as ‘Coracias tibicen’ which derives from the Latin ‘tibicen’ which means ‘flute player’ or ‘piper’. A well known and familiar bird of parks, farms and gardens everywhere, it has adapted well to human activity. The magpie is often used as an emblem or mascot for sporting teams – probably due to its cocky, bold attitude that has been likened to the Australian psyche. Named ‘magpie’ because of its similar coloring to the English magpie, the two species are actually not closely related.

Danthonia made this handcrafted sign for the school, sculpting the artwork with hand gouges and incise carving the text by hand as well. A cove edge matching the text color added the final touch to this classy sign.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
47 " x 33 "