Prince Alfred College Sign

PRINCE ALFRED COLLEGE’S history goes back to the mid 1860’s when a group of people began fundraising with the aim of founding a Methodist church school for boys. Enough people had the same vision and worked together to purchase a piece of land to begin building up the school. Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, laid the foundation stone in 1867 and the first boys entered the college in 1869. Over the years, the school expanded, with many new buildings as well as Senior and Preparatory schools and an Early Learning center. Now, over one thousand boys between the ages of 2 and 18 are educated at Prince Alfred, both as boarders and international students. The school motto is ‘Fac fortia et patere’ – ‘Do brave deeds and endure’. This motto is meant to steer the boys to go beyond what is easy, and to do the right thing. It goes together with the school’s philosophy – to help the boys to use their discovered talents and use them for the good of others, and to think creatively.

The college asked us at Danthonia to design a cohesive sign series that would include their crest and motto. We started with the crest and banner, making them hand sculpted and dimensional. The seashells, crown and border elements were raised and gilded with 23kt gold leaf, matching the incise carved main text on the sign panel itself. The sign has a large trim at top and bottom to add a finishing touch. Dulux Weathershield paints, which are highly UV-resistant, were used, which means the sign will not show any noticeable fading for 10 – 15 years.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Gilded / Painted
Sign Size
94 " x 62 "