Broadmeadows Primary School Sign

BROADMEADOWS PRIMARY SCHOOL and Kindergarten in Broadmeadows, Victoria is a busy hive of activity for children from preschool age to fifth grade. With lots of activities – whether it’s Dress up Day where everyone comes dressed as a book character, a trip to the zoo, or learning a new oral language, the children have plenty to keep them learning and having fun.

Broadmeadows School has also been generating clean energy since 2010, and is proud of its use of renewable resources. Using a combination of solar panels and a wind turbine, these folks have managed to reduce their CO2 gas emissions impressively since they started, and have good reason to be proud.

The school approached Danthonia Designs for a new sign that would be bright, bold, welcoming and dimensional. Working together with our designers, they came up with this beautiful welcome statement featuring an asymmetrical shape and flowing watermark. The layered panels add depth, as well as the add on sun sculpture, while the incise carved text is all hand carved using old fashioned chisels. Since the sign is made of high density urethane (HDU) it has the same density, weight and look as wood, but will outlast wood due to its total waterproof and insect-proof quality. The paints are top of the line Dulux Weathershield exterior acrylics – a strongly UV-resistant paint that is made with mineral pigments, so it will not fade for years to come. All hardware is rust-proof stainless steel so it will weather the elements as well.

Carved & Painted
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Sign Size
72 " x 36 "