Coves Run Hanging Sign

COVES RUN IS A CLASSIC example of a simple yet elegant property sign with a colonial style feel to it. This sign is hanging in Syosset, New York though it was made in the Danthonia workshop in Inverell, New South Wales, Australia. Hand carved signs lend themselves to old fashioned shapes like this, with their old world class and pleasing design.

’Colonial style’ is a loose term since actually there are many specific colonial periods which have their own unique features, usually connected with building architecture, though of course, this affected other areas, such as furniture and signs. Colonial styles simply mean styles that have been brought from a mother country and incorporated into life in a settlement or colony in a distant location. Naturally, colonists would bring familiar elements and styles along with them and, combined with new materials at hand and new conditions, they would come up with hybrid designs that fit the new surroundings.

Colonial style evolved from European influences (especially England), starting in the 1600’s. As time went on, the colonial style became distinct, and there are several types and periods associated with it – First Period English, French Colonial, Spanish Colonial, Dutch Colonial and Georgian which stretch from approximately 1600 through the 19th century and tend to be specific to different regions in America.

Many handcrafted signs reflect this American heritage and hand carved letters have been popular ever since colonial times, also stemming from the New England coast where ships used carved quarterboards which then became popular on land as well. Where possible, real gold leaf was used, applied with size onto the carved text, adding an elegant touch. Danthonia signs use this technique, with time tested methods and skilled hand craftsmanship. As far as we can tell, it looks like the old styles will continue to be appreciated and used for a long time to come, and we think that’s a great thing.

Carved & Gilded
Sign Size
31 " x 19 "