Curragundi Property Sign

ThA PALE HEADED ROSELLA is the parrot pictured on this bright little property sign in Maryborough, Queensland. These parrots can be found throughout north-eastern and eastern Australia in bushlands and farmlands, though they have also adapted well to human populated areas such as gardens and parks. Mainly feeding on the ground, they eat seeds and fruits of shrubs and trees, as well as flowers, insects and larvae. Their nests are often near water, in the hollows of trees or posts. Living up to 15 years or longer, these parrots are popular as pets, too.

The name ‘Curragundi’ is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘place of many spiders’ – a name that is fairly fitting for almost anywhere in the ‘lucky country’. In this case, it makes a great little property sign, with its hand carved letters along with the hand painted artwork. Designed using Danthonia’s online sign designer, this homeowner was able to create his own sign from scratch – choosing the artwork, shape, size, colors, font style, edge style, texture, hanging system, etc. that were exactly what he wanted to hang in a very specific spot. We have to say, he did a great job, too!

Flat Painted
Flat Painted Artwork
Sign Size
19 " x 10 "
  • We were looking for a sign to complement our heritage home that we have been restoring for the past 25 years. An internet search revealed the website of Danthonia Designs. This site would be the most efficient and user friendly site that we have used. The array of shapes and designs is terrific and the price is displayed in real time as one fine-tunes the size, shape, print and illustrations. The sign arrived on price and on time. The quality did not disappoint and was exactly what we had expected. Thanks for a job well done Danthonia.