Fair Winds Property Sign

‘CREATIVITY IS THE BLUE HERON within us waiting to fly; through her imagination, all things become possible.’ Nadia Janice Brown

Cruising with slow wingbeats, unmistakable tucked-in neck and trailing legs, or poised at river’s edge, the Great Blue Heron is a majestic and well-loved sight, in saltwater and freshwater habitats, open coasts, marshes, riverbanks and lakes over most of North and Central America as well as the Caribbean and Galapagos Islands. Rare vagrants have even been known to travel as far as Europe, with sightings in Spain, England, the Netherlands and the Azores.

This tall, long-legged water bird is the most common and the largest of North American herons, growing as tall as 4 ½ feet with a wingspan of up to 6 ½ feet. Wading near the shore, this bird is an expert and patient fisher, snaring its prey by standing still or wading very slowly for long periods of time, waiting for fish to come within range. As quick as lightning, it thrusts its blade-like bill and long neck to catch an unwary fish, swallowing it whole. Herons will also eat mice, insects and other small animals as well and can be sometimes be seen foraging in grasslands and agricultural fields.

The heron artwork on this striking property sign was relief sculpted into the sign surface using hand gouges and artist paint. The text was hand carved and painted, with matching cove edge for the finishing touch.

Carved & Painted
Relief Carved
Sign Size
27 " x 17 "
  • Here is a photo of the installed sign. It's at the entrance to our family lake house in Maryland. It looks beautiful!