Fairy Wren Cottage Sign

FAIRY WREN COTTAGE is a friendly house sign that went to Carnarvon, Western Australia. It was designed by the owners of the cottage using Danthonia’s sign designer tools, choosing from among many artwork options as well as other choices such as shape, size, colors, and text style.

Maybe the charming little pair of birds needs some introduction for our American followers. More specifically called ‘Superb Fairy Wren’ to distinguish from others in the Australian Fairy Wren family (though technically not really wrens at all) these familiar feisty little birds are a common sight around homes and parks throughout the south-east of the country. Constantly on the move, flitting among shrubs, and even perching on window screens and peering in as if they are waiting to be invited, they begin to feel like part of the family.

The male is especially easily distinguished, with its bright velvety blue and black plumage, while the female (as is often the case) is less striking in browns and grays. Just about half an inch long, these little go-getters more than make up in spirit what they lack in size. In fact, good looks and plucky spirit may be what won the fairy wren top position in a 2013 national popularity poll taken by more than 8,000 Australians, closely edging out such national icons as the magpie, kookaburra, rainbow lorikeet, willie wagtail, galah and a host of other well-known favorites.

Rendered here dimensionally as a hand sculpted and painted add on, these birds literally stand out on this house sign. The letters and groove border are also hand carved and painted in complementary blue, adding the striking finishing touch to this lovely house sign.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
23 " x 14 "